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Patented Inventor + Lead Designer . D737, 545 . 2015
Collaborator + Designer . US Design Patent . 2012
Ralph Lauren Black Label Cover Vogue September Issue . 2010
Finisher 200 Mile Ragnar Relay, New York . 2010
Finisher 200 Mile Ragnar Relay, Washington DC . 2009
Finisher Mayor’s Half Marathon Anchorage, AK . 2009
Designated OCEANA Wavemaker . 2008
dean’s list + graduated with honors . parsons
Dean’s Scholarship + AAS Scholarship . parsons
provost’s honors . university of california, san diego
Rhode Island School of Design Book Award

Caitlin Folgner is a Designer and Creative Business Consultant based in Orange County, California. She focuses on Design and Management of Apparel, Product, and Interior Design, with an aptitude for building and reinvigorating well known brands and start ups.

Caitlin has had the extraordinary opportunity to be a part of building successful businesses within some of the world’s most well-known and profitable brands - Ralph Lauren, Oakley, VF Outdoor, Donna Karan, and J.Crew. And she has lent her creative vision, business acumen, and energy to a number of key players and start ups along the way.

Caitlin’s almost fifteen years of experience in the design and fashion industry has taken her to New York City, San Francisco, and back home to Southern California where she currently works from her design studio in Laguna Beach. She is an incredibly accomplished Womens and Mens Apparel Designer having trained at Parsons School of Design, and designed products for Activewear, Swimwear, Outerwear, Sportswear, Denim, and Accessories. She works across the Performance, Outdoor, Action Sports, Sportswear, Denim, and Luxury Goods markets, contributing to profits and improving processes at each brand she has the privilege of being a part of. Additionally, her work is published in Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, W, In Style, Marie Claire, Numero, Cosmopolitan, Town & Country, Runner's World, Running, Yoga Journal, Self, Health, and Shape.

Caitlin loves to be a part of new businesses and lend her creative energies to making brands better. Her focus and expertise is Performance and Sportswear Apparel, and Advanced Concepts/Innovation. However, she can be found working across all product types within both genders. And she places importance on helping design teams align around creative direction, and managing the design process efficiently, supporting and mentoring other designers. On any given day you can catch her doing everything from brainstorming and planning the future of brand innovation to travel and research for seasonal trends, color palettes, creative direction, and designing.

Outside of business, Caitlin loves being back in Southern California where she grew up and attended the University of California, San Diego. She loves the ocean, and surfs, Stand up paddleboards, swims, and sails as much as possible. Travel, art, technology, science, yoga, meditation, and wine are also big favorites, of which she loves to share these experiences and learnings with close family, friends, and fellow creatives.

de · sign / də ˈ zīn / the art or action of conceiving of and producing a plan or drawing with a specific purpose or intention in mind

Caitlin Folgner above all else is a designer. She happens to be pretty good at a lot of different things, but her approach towards design and business come from a place of wanting to figure out how things work and make them better. she is using this approach in her current endeavor,

Caitlin is creative. She has a way of seeing things that focuses on their potential. And she uses her other talents (design, creativity, leadership, management, organization, diligence) to execute this vision, this way of seeing. She is always wondering what can be made that is new or different from others. How can we make this product, garment, interior, experience, brand, business better? Work better. Run better. Be more functional. More engaging. And beautiful. Beauty and aesthetics help her to craft product that is sought after.

Caitlin is practical. She is business minded, and logical. She not only focuses on the creative and design side, but on how we can make it happen. In reality. Caitlin is great at knowing what you need next, before you do, and doing it. Of taking on the bigger picture questions, and making them more understandable. Caitlin is an excellent communicator. She possesses the art of turning complex information and problems into clear and understandable direction, with an executable strategy. She sells her ideas, and the vision.

Caitlin is a polymath. She could just as easily talk to you for hours about apparel design and garment construction, as wearable electronics, or what she just read in the economist, or a painting she saw at a museum, or the latest research on surf forecasting, or how to arrange the furniture in your home. Her interests are many, and deep. From surfing to art, the environment to technology, science to design. She is incredibly curious about lots of things.

Caitlin is passionate. People often tell her that they love her perspective and her drive because it's fueled by lots of passion. They love that she cares. That she works hard. And that she has strong opinions. Sometimes she’s not exactly sure what they mean because for her, it's just who she is. Why wouldn't you be passionate about what you do? Design, art, creativity, making stuff, it's about a lot more than going to work ... It's how you live your life. Having spent a lot of time as a creative manager trying to quantify for business teams how much time goes into design, Caitlin really understands designers. How much time do designers spend designing? They're always designing, being inspired, exploring, having the next big idea - it doesn't stop when they leave the office, they're always on - it's the passion that fuels their lives.


For those that know Caitlin, you are deeply aware of her talents, and hopefully you enjoyed this opportunity to see further into her work and design. And for those that don't know her yet, hopefully this site has piqued your interest. Please reach out to learn more about Caitlin, her ongoing projects, or to work together. Connect with her via any of the platforms below.